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"Like its heroine watching the sensual, seductive dance of the Flamenco described in the pages of WHERE EAGLES CRY, a reader quickly surrenders to this book's breathtaking imagery. Dee Ann Palmer has filled her first novel with an original and engrossing story line, mesmerizing characters, and a heart-stopping conclusion." Reviewer: Helen Haddad, author of the EPPIE winning contemporary romance, PICTURE OF GUILT

276 pages, digital format available at Kindle, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords.

Jilted by love and seeking a new life, a young Bostonian woman takes a companionship position on a California rancho in 1834. There her heart entangles her in an impossible love, and she becomes the target for murder. When the bells ring and the eagle cries, will she be the next one to die?

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Bodies pile up fast and furiously in this off-tilt, macabre collection of stories. The cast includes bumbling extortionists, larcenous senior citizens, and lovers on the con, dropped onto a landscape where murder has become the solution of choice. Babs Lakey, publisher, FMAM 1996-2005.

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