Originally, Night Rider was titled Dark Stranger, and was a winner in the 2004 Amber Heat Wave Contest sponsored by Amber Quill Press, LLC.

The contest was for erotic short stories, but, when I recently regained my rights I toned it down to sensual to reissue it. Thus it needed a new title and a new cover. I purchased a cover from designer Carey Abbott called “Night Ride,” so, to make it easier for her, I told her to make the book title Night Rider.

Once the manuscript was ready, I happily submitted it to my formatter. Soon she emailed me to clarify the book’s name. You see, as I revised it I’d renamed it Midnight Rider. Then I changed it again because of the cover, and did not remember to change the manuscript. It appeared there eight times.

Ah, the vagaries of self-publishing! Thank you, Grace of Author’s Headquarters, for catching my mistake.

NOTE: For ninety days, beginning August 4th, the book will be available only on Amazon Kindle Publishing Select.

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Dear Lord, please make me the person Ella, our precious cat, thought me to be. Amen.

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