I barely made this notice today as promised. We were out of town most of the day on personal business, and then I had to strip our bed, wash and dry the linens then remake the bed. My copy of Exquisite Christmas came into my Kindle Fire, and I’ve rested off and on enjoying the great stories.

I have a few other small gifts related to NIGHT RIDER to give away, but I’ll have to let you know about those later this week. My iPhone died, so I have to drive out of town again to get it fixed. My desk has been a mess for months, and I’m going through papers and sorting them into piles to toss or file. What a mess I’ve left for myself when it’s now time to take down Thanksgiving decorations and put up those for Christmas.

Later this week, look for Exquisite Christmas on your favorite ebook seller site, but for now it’s available on Amazon only.


515ZTKq3jQL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_When romance writers give love stories to the world, we do more than entertain – we share our hope for something better. These imaginative moments of happy-ever-after warm the soul and ripple outward. The world needs more love, and every bit helps.

We hope you enjoy this collection of heartwarming seasonal tales and delicious recipes by twenty-one Bestselling, Award-winning, and Multi-Published Authors from the international Exquisite Quills community: Victoria Adams, Rose Anderson, E. Ayers, Beverley Bateman, Lily Bishop, Barb Caffrey, Helena Fairfax, J.D. Faver, Jennifer Garcia, Romy Gemmell, Vonnie Hughs, Susan Jaymes, Gemma Juliana, Jean Lamb, Lyndi Lamont, Zanna Mackenzie, Janis Susan May, Dee Ann Palmer, Jane Leopold Quinn, Kaye Spencer, and M. S. Spencer.

Dee Ann says—

It’s been a pleasure working with these gifted women to produce this collection. We hope it will warm your holidays.

Looking forward to a wonderful December…

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Dear Lord, please make me the wonderful person our precious cat, Ella, always thought me to be.  Amen.

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