When this was a winner in the 2004 Amber Heat Wave Contest sponsored by Amber Quill Press, LLC., its title was Dark Stranger.
The contest was for erotic short stories, but since I’d toned it down to sensual to reissue it, it needed a new title and cover. I purchased a cover from designer Carey Abbott called “Night Ride,” so I told her to make the book title Night Rider

Once the manuscript was ready, I happily submitted it to my formatter. Soon she emailed me to clarify the book’s name. You see, I had first renamed it Midnight Rider, then changed it again because of the cover — without remembering to change the manuscript, where it appeared eight times.

Ah, the vagaries of self-publishing! Thank you, Grace of Authors Headquarters, for catching my mistake.

NOTE: For ninety days, the book will be available only on Amazon Kindle Publishing Select.

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Thanks again to those who entered the giveaway! If you missed reading about my guest, you can see her post on my website under Guest Authors (just below the header) at http://deeannpalmer.com


Dee O and Debra were our winners. Dee O won The Egyptian File by Janis Susan May, and Debra won the $10 Amazon Gift Card from me.


Southern California has broken the record for rain in July! In our yard, the counters indicated an entire 2.5 inches! We’ve been in a drought for four years, and, believe me, we welcomed this.

We had two powerful storms — but not as horrendous as those we’ve experienced on the east coast — hit in three days, and it was wonderful. Sunday I sat on the couch in our enclosed patio reading a book and listening to the rain fall. Marvelous treat.

Our neighbors to the west had flooding under the door to their family room. They had two sump pumps working that couldn’t keep the level down. We’d just planted an avocado tree that had seven little fruits on it, and the first windstorm blew one of the off. The second windstorm broke off a branch (? I guess you’d call it that) to an old philodendron bush in our front yard. Otherwise, we were fine.

One gift the rain offered was in assisting firefighters in gaining control of a fire on the road north to Las Vegas. At one point, the fire jumped the freeway, and people leaped out of their cars and fled. Twenty cars were demolished by the fire, ten were damaged. Amazingly no loss of life or injuries. Four buildings burned to the ground. News views showed cars exploding as the intense heat ignited their gas tanks.

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